Practical Home Company
         Trim Carpentry Austin & Surrounding Areas




     Oak Staircase With Wood Spindles             Custom Cabinet Remodel & Crown Mould





      Custom Home Trim Out With 7              Custom Home Remodel With Trim,

          Layered Crown Moulding                    Crown Moulding & Boxed Beams





        Arched Windows With Trim                  Oak Stair Treads With Oak Rail &

                                                                           Metal Spindles                 




       Trim On Windows & Installed                   Custom Door Installation

    Crown Moulding To Hide Lighting




         Custom Home Trim Out                         French Door Installation




         Mesquite Wood Staircase                   Staircase with Metal Balusters



       Before: Rotten Dormer Repair                   After: Rotten Dormer Repair



         Before: Rotten Pillar Repair                      After: Rotten Pillar Repair



       Before: French Door Frame In                    After: French Door Frame In



  Before: Cabin Walls & Ceiling Trim with         After: Cabin Walls & Ceiling Trim with

  Tin Wainscoting & Cabinet Installation         Tin Wainscoting & Cabinet Installation



    Before: Wood Baluster Replacement             After: Wood Baluster Replacement

               with Metal Baluster                                  with Metal Baluster



     Before: Three Story Custom Home               After: Three Story Custom Home 

                     Staircase                                               Staircase



      Bead Board Ceiling with Custom                    Bead Board Ceiling Installation

                 Crown Moulding



        Before: Front Door Framing &                       After: Front Door Framing &

        Installation & Added Windows                      Installation & Added Windows



     Bathroom Bead Board & Mirror Trim                Tounge & Groove Ceiling & Custom 

                                                                                Cabin Trim Out



       Custom Window Trim Installation                Chapel Double Doors Installed in a 

                                                                                 Custom Home 



    Custom Cabinets & Under Bar, Barn                  Bead Board Ceiling With Custom

               Wood Installation                                   Mantel & Trim Installation







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